Top 24-inch Monitors for Gaming

As experienced gamers know, there are a number of features in addition to size, when purchasing a computer monitor for gaming. Monitor resolution, response type, and pixel density are just a few of the factors worthy of consideration. With this in mind, what follows is a comparison of the best 24-inch gaming monitors currently available on the market today. (You can find a more detailed version of this list at

For beginning gamers or those on a budget, the Nixeum Vue (NX-VUE24A) provides many of the core features that a good gaming monitor needs. It offers the industry standard 1920X1080 HD resolution, and relies on a combination of AMD FreeSync technology and an AMD Catalyst graphics driver to provide relatively smooth graphics and very little video stuttering. The refresh rate is also impressive for a monitor in this price range, with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. The built-in stereo speakers are a nice touch as well, although experienced gamers will doubtless require a more advanced sound system.


The ASUS VG248QE offers a step up from the Nixeum monitor, offering several improved display features. It matches the HD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate of the Nixeum, as well as the 1ms response time. One feature that takes this monitor to the next level is the 80,000,000:1 Smart Contrast Ratio, which enhances the image by making the dark colors darker and the light colors lighter. Specifically with gamers in mind, ASUS has installed a GamePlus hotkey, including timer and crosshair functions. The timer is useful for strategy gamers looking to keep track of elapsed time, and the crosshair functions allow FPS players to change the crosshair style to fit their playing style. Another added feature in this monitor is the way the height and angle of monitor can be adjusted freely. If need, the monitor can even be pivoted to a 90 degree angle.

The cream of the crop is the BenQ XL2420G. The graphics in this monitor are built around the state-of-the-art NVIDEA G-Sync graphics chipset. The 1 ms response time, 1920X1080 HD resolution, and 144Hz framerate keep pace are right in line with the ASUS and Nixeum models, but what takes this monitor to the next level is the inclusion of two distinct graphics modes. The G-Sync Mode is for the most high-end games and gives near-instant video rendering. However, for some older or less graphics-heavy games, the BenQ offers a Classic Mode, with the addition of many features designed for top-level gamers, like a game mode loader and S Switch. The game mode loader allows gamers to download specially designed gaming presets used by the pros, or you can design and save your own presets. You can set these presets to the S Switch, a special remote controller that can quickly switch between your favorite display settings.

Clearly, if budget is not a factor, the BenQ monitor is the best choice. However, if you are just getting started in gaming or need to save a little cash, the ASUS and Nixeum models are excellent lower-cost alternatives.